What is Telf?

Telf is an effective language acquisition method that will help those with a lack of motivation and time.

Practise foreign language every day!

The teacher calls you every day at a time of your choosing. Every day you will learn new words in sample sentences, elements of grammar and practise conversation.

Most importantly, you will study on daily basis and thanks to that, you will progress quickly, which would not be possible without regularity.

Use your free time effectively!

Only 5, 10 or 15 minutes daily is enough! Make use of your free time while going to work, waiting for a meeting or drinking your afternoon coffee. Everyone can spare few minutes a day and you do not have to travel anywhere!

Foreign language on the phone – a valuable skill!

You will learn to use the language in the most challenging way, i.e. talking on the phone. With this experience, face to face communication will be a piece of cake for you!